Digital Workspace Health Assessment

People first, technology second

Your people are the at the heart of your organisation. They’re the muscle of your competitive differentiation and fundamental to delivering on your business goals. At a time when you are thinking about the implications of returning to the office as COVID restrictions start to ease over the coming months, it’s even more important to understand unique needs of your employees to maximise effectiveness and well-being. At Softcat, we put people first and our technology experts are ready to help you understand how to reach your workspace fitness goals.

We know how important it is to take into account all the technology health factors from work style to function, resource and accessibility, whether your focus is one of these or all of them, we will work together with you to identify any hidden problem areas so you can make the most of what you have already invested in. Our aim is to help you emerge stronger from it all, armed with the right knowledge and actionable insights to create a better connected team. Here’s how…

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A quick-fire health assessment

Answer our 3 key questions to help you understand your organisation’s workspace set-up, for a free report on your key employee workstyles

1. What percentage of your employees work in the following way?
Internally mobile
Externally mobile
2. Do your employees need their applications, devices or accessories specifically tailored to meet their unique requirements?
3. Do you have employees that require rugged equipment?
Thank you for filling out the assessment, please share your details and we’ll provide a report showing a view of your current organisation’s set up of employee workstyles.

Understanding your people

What are your people’s technology needs?


We’ll kickstart your health assessment by understanding the unique work conditions of your employees, and what’s needed to help each team member accelerate their performance by grouping them into workstyles. Looking at the wheres, whens and hows, our health check will start with workstyle assessments, taking into consideration business and functional goals to make recommendations for improvement.

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How can we help drive better people performance?


Together, we will review your employee workstyles to understand if they are fully equipped to achieve peak performance wherever they are. We’ll analyse their current workplace set up from apps to data, collaboration tools and devices, to ensure they have what they need. Whether deskbound, frontline or on the go, we’ll provide a best practice, no compromise approach. Utilising our ITAM services, we’ll find out what technology you already have, and what can be replaced, updated or discarded, to optimise business and fighting fit employees.

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Power your people for any challenge


Simplifying the technology resources your employees need across devices, software, connectivity and cloud infrastructure can help you cut excess costs and maximise value. That’s where our extensive solutions and services experience can help. From DaaS to Microsoft 365 assessment services, to name just a few – our aim is to help you drive better people performance by building on your current technology position and empowering your people with optimised ways of working for success.

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Views from our key partners

We’ve collated opinions and insights from our key partners on why understanding the people in your organisation is important, the business benefits, alongside what you should consider to put this into action. Watch our short videos below:

Why is this important

What are the business benefits

How can we help

World class partnerships

Snow Software is changing the way organizations understand and manage their technology consumption. Our technology intelligence platform provides comprehensive visibility and contextual insight across software, SaaS, hardware and cloud.

Microsoft and Softcat have identified the milestones that need to be met for customers to modernise processes and infrastructure. Softcat’s tailormade approaches are created in collaboration with Microsoft, by our trusted experts so that you receive the right solution for your business requirements.

Softcat and HP Inc. offer a joint DaaS solution that is driven by behaviour and analytics which aims to improve how employees experience work whilst also ensuring device efficiency – no matter where they are. DaaS includes a review of performance of devices, contribution to environmental considerations and cost, allowing you to tailor devices to the employee so they aren’t given unnecessarily high-specification devices.

Nexthink provides visibility into the Employee Experience across devices, operating systems, any workplace location, at every moment AND a prioritised and automated workflow to help you fix issues, at scale, remotely.

Deskcenter’s IT Asset & Lifecycle Management solution allows you to manage, secure and cost optimise the IT infrastructures of the Digital Workspace era, and with that, enabling your people to perform anywhere.

Why Softcat?

Choosing us to take care of your digital workspace and take it to the next level is simple. That’s because we put you and your people first to find a solution that’ll really power productivity, job satisfaction and wellbeing. As the workplace changes and new generations join your business, we team up with you to work out what will empower employees while smashing your goals. Our experience and specialist knowledge means you’ll be able to take new technologies in your stride and constantly stay ahead of the curve.